New Series of Merlin

So, indeed, much joy was found (especially by my grandmother and myself) at the return of Merlin and all the plot fun it has to offer. However, the thing I mostly got from this first episode is the following (somewhat paraphrased) exchange.

MERLIN: Arthur, I haz many talents, look at mai amazeballs "!MAGIKAL!" juggling skillz (subtext SUBTEXT)

ARTHUR: Pshaw Merlz you haz no talents. You just stand and look prettiz

MERLIN: *headdesk*

Also Gwen? Totally bad ass with her newfound heaving busom.

I reserve more judgement for next week. I sense its gonna be awesome though

I Should Be Tidying...

In fact, I should be doing any number of things; tidying, eating, crafting, looking for a job, looking for some pants, looking for my skirt that I swear has been eaten by goblins (damn you, goblins! *shakes tiny fist*).

Instead, I am in bed, on the internet, doing naff all.


However, on my travels, I have once again found this video (which is joyous) and heralds in the new series of Merlin. The evening's not all bad.
(It's the transition, it gets me every time. And Uther's face. *gigglesnort*)

I also found this one, which is just as good. Oh, the lolz.

Today Was A Sad Day

So in order to fund my insatiable habit of buying stuff (ukulele, crossbow, you know the usual stuff), it has come to my attention I need to actual get a real person job. And whilst applying for said real person job, I could do with another little job to give me enough money to do simple things, like pay rent and eat. However, I would like to point out that nobody said how hard it is to get one of these so called "part-time jobs" It would appear that I can't get one, for love, money or the offer of eternal gratitude. Today, I was rudely rejected by Claire's, and left to sadly wander the streets munching on my gingerbread man. It appears, I have decided, that I am utterly unhireable. And therefore, I am going to become a hermit. Or, much more to the ManMuffin's liking, we shall live like Tom and Barbara from The Good Life, and forgo money altogether (though I will still have the internet, because it will be powered by a generator run by organically fed hamsters).

In other, much much better (and totally unrelated) news, here is a picspam promised to entangled_now in order to show to her the beauty that is Aaron Taylor Johnson. I warn you know, it's big.

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You know what Livejournal? I am returning. It has been decided. I unwisely left, long ago, for some shady and R.O.N.G reason (mainly I think I just ran out of time and amusing thoughts), but I am coming back, because you know what? I just have too many feels to not be on here.

So there. I am returned. I shall continue, as I once did, to post rambley things of little to no consequence and be done with it. Mwhahahaha.

I plan to start small, and just open with this little note, but fear not. I shall return. Fingers crossed.